January 16, 2011

52 Weeks of Sharing Memories: Cooking (Week 3)

This is Week 3 of our second set of 52 weeks of topics for readers (and me!) to start a genealogy journal. Please join us for Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey

Over the years I've learned that keeping a journal is not always easy. Yet it's important for future generations. If we want to preserve the past, our own memories will one day be as valuable as those of our great-grandmothers. Our descendants will be thrilled to find a journal chronicling our lives and the lives of our parents and grand-parents.

This weeks' topic is Cooking. I have very strong memories of my mom's cooking. No doubt most of you do too, some may even remember grandma's cooking. I thought it would be fun to share those memories.

* What was your favourite food that your mom cooked?

* Do you remember the smells in the kitchen?

* Have you copied your mom or grandmother's recipes to save them?

* Did you ever get to eat your Grandmother's food?

I wasn't very fond of my mom's cooking - our regular dinner fare was typically Pigs' Feet, Pigs' Tails, Tripe, Kidney, Heart, Ox-Tail Stew... basic cheaper cuts of meat which were not cooked very well! I remember sitting at the table staring at (and not eating) my plate of white quivering tripe on a white plate with heated milk poured over the top.

Mashed potatoes were simply crushed with a fork - no butter or milk was added. I used to pour ketchup on mine just to get them down! And it seemed every night we had baked apples for dessert. To this day I can't stand them and even the smell makes me cringe.

I don't remember eating anything my grandmothers made but I spent time with my maternal grandma so I must have eaten her food! She was born in England and I think she followed the English style of cooking. I do have her recipe for Spotted Dick which is an English dish of Suet Pudding with currants or raisins. I've made it and it's very good but it's a heart attack waiting to happen!

I do have really great memories of how my mother cooked. She used a coal-burning stove (sometimes wood) even though electric ranges and ovens had been around for years. We simply couldn't afford an electric one. I know my mom hated that stove but I loved watching her cook on it - throwing in some coal from the coal skuttle, or kindling, and lifting the top solid metal burners off with the special tool that hung at the side of the stove.

One of the things my mom made that I loved were Sour Cream Twists - a twisted bread-like thing that had the best taste ever. I asked my mom repeatedly for her recipe but she always said she didn't have one and didn't remember even making such a thing! I've hunted online with no luck but maybe one day I'll find something that sounds similar.


@recordswiki said...

This is such a great idea! I love how you ask questions which will help get the writing juices flowing. I enjoyed reading about your mother's cooking as well... I can't imagine trying to cook anything on a coal stove!

Even though you didn't enjoy her cooking, I think the memories you have shared are wonderful. Thanks for this post!

Dave said...

I must say Lorine, I don't remember "sour cream twists", but do remember all the organ meats. The only one I did not like was tripe, as it was like chewing rubber!

Genealogy Blogger said...

I don't know if that is what they were called (sour cream twists) but that was my name for them. I never did eat that horrid tripe, I just stared it down.... I can't blame mother though as she worked all day and then had to feed 6 people when she came home! And she didn't enjoy cooking, so not really her fault about the food.

hummer said...

Oh my week 3 I am really behind all the way. Will get to work on it. Love your prompts.