August 29, 2010

Sharing Memories (Week 39): Labour Day Weekend

This is Week 39 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal. Your memories are your legacy to your children and grandchildren. Don't let them be lost over time. Share them either here with us as a comment on this blog, on your own blog, or privately in a journal.

Labour Day weekend is coming up. What special memories do you have of that holiday? Did you or your parents do anything special or was it just spent in agony thinking about school starting!

The only thing special that I remember about Labour Day Weekend was the excitement of getting ready to go back to school, and my mother's birthday.

I also remember it being drummed into my head "Don't wear white after Labour Day!" What a funny rule now that I am older and can decide for myself what I want to wear and when.

I'm hoping my readers will have more specific memories than I do!

Writing this made me curious about the origins of Labour Day Weekend. I confess I've never known.

Apparently Labour Day has been celebrated on the first Monday in September in Canada since the 1880s. The origins of Labour Day in Canada can be traced back to April 14, 1872 when a parade was staged in support of the Toronto Typographical Union's strike for a 58-hour work-week. Very interesting, a fact I never knew before.

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genealogygal said...

I posted my Back to School memories on my blog at:

I blogged about Back to School....
Although I did not really remember anything in particular about Labor Day except maybe RootBeer Floats which I did not address in my blog.