March 21, 2010

Sharing Memories (Week 17): Here Comes High School!

It is Week 17 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal?

I hope everyone is getting those memories down on paper and will join me this week to share more! It's not too late, you can easily catch up by choosing SHARING MEMORIES from the right side bar. The list of the past 16 Topics is found there.

You know how happy we are to find an ancestor's diary or journal. Just imagine how excited your grandchildren or great grandchildren will be to read your stories in the future. Don't let those memories be lost - preserve them now!

This week we're talking about High School. Was it scary for you starting Grade 9? How did your High School years go - easy? Difficult? Fun? I was nervous at the start of Grade 9. I'd heard terrible stories of Initiation Day (remember those?) and how horrible the Seniors were to the little Grade Niners. Being a shy introverted kid didn't help! Our one and only High School was quite a walk from where I lived. You know the old exaggerated stories "I had to walk 2 miles to school every day through raging blizzards!" Well, that was true!

I lived in the old area of town in the northern part, divided by a railroad track and a super highway (now 8 lane Highway 401 in Ontario) from the newer area and the High School which was on the extreme furthest southern edge of town possible. To get to the school you had to walk East for quite a hike until you got to the one and only bridge which crossed the tracks and the highway. Our parents threatened us with severe punishments if we ever dared climb the fence that ran parallel to the railroad tracks and crossed them to take the much shorter route to school. I did it a few times but boy was it scary!

Initiation Day was worse than I imagined. We had to dress in togas (white bed sheets) and do the bidding of the Seniors all day. I had shaving cream sprayed in my face constantly, had to carry books from one class to the next as the Senior's "slave' and never got to eat lunch. Why not? I spent it on my hands and knees under a table in the cafeteria, acting as a footstool for a group of senior boys!

I also spent a lot of time (as did other Grade Niners) pushing marbles up the steep cement walkway to the front door of the school. My nose was sore for many days afterwards!

What are your memories?


Carol said...

Have to say, those are some horrible memories. Thank goodness, this initiation stuff did not happen in our high school. In fact, I have never heard of it before in high schoool. My first and longest lasting memories from high school are of my band participation. I wish you had some like mine instead of these painful ones.

Celia said...

Along with about 400-odd 12-13 year olds, I entered the 2nd largest high school in our province (total: 1940 pupils) in Grade 7. I was considered a "brain" (said with total derision), and hid out in reading books all the time, hated school. Walked along a very busy road to/from high school (abt a mile) having to go through a semi-industrial area with lots of catcalls and whistles...and so terribly shy I had my head down all the time. I had some great teachers which helped a lot - nice to have people believe in me - and several very novel interesting ones too. Glad it was over and I went to university - Whew!

Greta Koehl said...

Wow, am I glad my high school did not have any regular initiation rites. As in Carol's case, some of my best high school memories are band memories. And I had to walk across town to get to my high school. Of course, it was a pretty small town.