March 14, 2010

Sharing Memories (Week 16): March Break Here We Come!

Can you believe it is Week 16 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey Journal?

I hope everyone is getting those memories down on paper and will join me this week to share more! You know how happy we are to find an ancestor's diary or journal. Just imagine how excited your grandchildren or great grandchildren will be to read your stories in the future.

This week, in honour of March Break, I'm going to talk about my March Break memories. I actually have no memory of ever having a March break as a kid! Did we? Have I just forgotten? Or is that a fairly recent holiday? I did get Spring Break aka Reading Week when I was in University. That was a time meant for studying and catching up on assignments but generally it was party time. Florida was a very popular Spring Break for University and College students!

Once I was married with children and in the educational field, March Break was a time of semi-relaxation, keeping the kids entertained and catching up on housework! We never went on holidays with our children over March Break as it was expensive and crowded. Instead we stayed home and enjoyed a few less pressure-filled days.

What are your memories of March or Spring Break? Share them here in the comment section or on your own blog or privately in your Journal. I'd love to hear them if you want to share publicly. Maybe you had more fun than I did!


amy wilsch said...

But you need to keep them digitally? What if your house burns down? Or the book is accidentally tossed out with the moving when your family cleans out the house?? All unpleaseant thoughts for sure, but how can one be so sure that a book won't get lost or destroyed? We have the technology - we need to use it. Even a personal blog has no guarantee it'll remain "up" after you're gone for them to find. This is what our company focuses on - archiving & digitizing and preserving those stories, pictures, recipes etc. Something to think about.

hummer said...

I haven't any memories of Spring Break and I have to admit with my kids it was a time to do catch up chores at home. There wasn't any money for trips like I see people do today.