September 3, 2008

September Ancestor Most Wanted - $50.00 Reward

September's Ancestor Most Wanted is JOSEPH BUTLER

Joseph was baptised 15 March 1856 in Waterloo Co. Ontario Canada. On 10 May 1880, he married Caroline (Carrie A.) Kirsch in Formosa, Bruce Co. Ontario. He disappears from the records after the 1901 census in Seaforth, Huron Co. Ontario.

*** $50.00 Reward offered for the whereabouts of Joseph Butler after 1901, or for proof of his death (location and date) ***

Background Information

Joseph Butler & Carrie Kirsch had the following known children born in Bruce Co. Ontario:

- William Butler 1880 - 1904
- Alexander (Anthony) Butler 1882 - 1911
- William Henry Harry (Philip?) Butler1884-?
- Margaret S. Butler 1886-1970
- Clara Seraphina Butler 1888-?
- Kathleen (Katie) Butler 1889 - 1950
- Pauline (Lillie) M. Butler 1893 - 1930

Joseph & Carrie are found in the following census records:

* 1881 Census Carrick, Bruce Co. Joseph & Carrie both age 23 with son William
* 1891 Census Teswater Village, Bruce Co. Joseph age 33 with Carrie, 33 and 5 children
* 1901 Census Seaforth, Huron Co. Joseph age 48 (dob given as Sep 9 1852), Carrie 43 and 6 children

Carrie left Ontario for Michigan sometime around 1909. She is found in the following census records

* 1910 Detroit Michigan with daughter Kathleen and son-in-law Lambert Peter Garth
* 1920 Detroit Michigan with daughter Kathleen and son-in-law Lambert Peter Garth

** Note a late Ontario birth registration submitted by Carrie Butler, Detroit Michigan for her son Anthony born Feb 1882 in which Carrie states that her husband "Joseph E. Butler" is dead. The form is dated 29 May 1918.

** Also note that Detroit Border Crossings and Passenger and Crew Lists, 1905-1957shows Alexander Butler age 29 arriving 12 Jan 1911. He states that he was living in
Detroit for 3 months in 1882 and in Pembina [Co] North Dakota from 1906-August 1909 [Pembina is on the border with Manitoba]. His departure contact is his father Joseph Butler living in Canada, address unknown

This gives us a middle initial "E" for Joseph Butler and death in the time frame between 12 Jan 1911 & 29 May 1918

* Family lore states that Carrie threw Joseph out of the house over a scandal of some kind and that he "went West". It is very possible he went to Manitoba or another western province of Canada.

* Joseph may be found recorded as white, black or mulatto. His grandfather was a black man from USA but each subsequent generation married white women.

Remember, a $50.00 Reward is offered for the whereabouts of Joseph Butler after 1901 or for proof of his death (location and date)

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Good luck everyone!

PS Thanks to Thomas' question which reminded me that I neglected to state if the Reward was in US or Canadian dollars! It is US $50.00 (which as of today is worth $53.51 Cdn)

ANSWER to Michelle's Question: Joseph's father was Johannes Alexander Allen (Allen) Butler and his mother was Catherine (Betty) Weis


Thomas MacEntee said...

Is that $50 USD or $50 CAN ?

Michelle said...

Do you have his mother or father's name?