April 17, 2015

Get Ready for Who Do You Think You Are? This Sunday

This week on Who Do You Think You Are? Bill Paxton researches his paternal lineage, uncovering the life of an ancestor who was a war hero in an historic battle; and struggling with the morality of actions his four times great grandfather took. 

The episode airs this Sunday, April 19 at 10/9c on TLC.

Who Do You Think You Are is sponsored by Ancestry.com

Photo Credit: TLC

April 16, 2015

April 15, 2015

Case #25: Send Theodore G. Harding's Dog Tags Home

Nancy B. wrote to Olive Tree Genealogy:

HELP ME FIND THIS SAILOR! I found this vintage dog tag 2 years ago (shoved into a heating duct) while renovating our 70-year old house. Out of respect, I just wedged it back in. However the more I think about it, the more I wonder if he is still alive, if he had any children, and how this might be a sentimental treasure. I DID find that a "Ted Harding" lived in this house in the past and that he would now be in his 80's.

The dog tag reads

Harding, Theodore G. 
259 05 79 AB

April 14, 2015

Help send W.T. Waterston's WW1 Medals Home

The Absolutely Literate blog has a plea for help in finding the family of WW1 soldier William Thomas Waterston. Some Medals once owned by this soldier need to go home. 

His Attestation papers are found in the online CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force) database

If you want to help, please read the full story at Help send W.T. Waterston's Medals Home

April 13, 2015

Crestleaf.com’s Guess My Family Heritage Blogathon Contest

Time for some fun! Crestleaf is having a contest and I'm entering it. Can you guess my ancestral heritage from this photo of my ancestors? I'm not giving you any clues as to whether this is my dad's side or my mom's.

Your part in this is just for fun. I'm descended from the older couple in this photo and one of their children. Can you guess which child? Can you guess the heritage? I am curious who can correctly guess my heritage but I have no prize for correct answers. 

See the contest announcement on the Crestleaf blog. If you have a blog you can enter too.

April 12, 2015

Nursing Sister Philips WW1 Photo Album 16R Tea Party

This Photo Archive consists of a small autograph album (6.5" by 5.25") kept by Constance (Connie) Philips as a memento of her time serving as a nurse during World War One. 

The majority of the photos and items are from 1915, when she served as a nurse in France and Britain.

Nursing Sister Philips WW1 Photo Album 16R Tea Party

The album and all photographs, postcards, and other ephemera contained in the album belong to Karin Armstrong and may not be copied or republished without her written permission. The images will be published on Olive Tree Genealogy with permission.

Each image has been designated an "R" for Recto or a "V" for Verso plus an album page number. Recto is the right-hand side page of a bound book while Verso is the left-hand side page.

I will be posting the entire album and my additional research on the individuals identified in Connie's album over the coming months so please check back frequently to view these historic photos. The easiest way to see what has been published is to click on the topic "Nursing Sister WW1 Photos" in the vertical menu bar on the right side of your screen. You can also click on that phrase at the bottom of this post.

April 11, 2015

Get Set for Another Who Do You Think You Are? Episode

For the first time ever, Who Do You Think You Are? heads to Honduras as actress America Ferrera sets out to search for a connection to her father, whom she barely knew. The episode airs this Sunday, April 12 at 10/9c on TLC.

Throughout her journey, America uncovers the fascinating details of her paternal great grandfather, who was a General in the army and led numerous revolts against Honduran leaders to fight for the people’s rights.

Key details from America’s episode include:

·         With the help of historians and documentation, America discovers that her great grandfather, at the young age of 27, left a job as a tax collector to join a military campaign to help the liberal president’s party fend off a plot to overthrow them.

·         America finds that her great grandfather then led numerous successful revolts against corrupt Honduran presidents apparently in order to ensure the rights of the people. General Ferrera and his actions made such a mark that he was written about by the United States government and considered a troublemaker, eventually being exiled from Honduras.

·         Upon his return to his homeland some years later, General Ferrera declared that he wished to keep the peace – and then broke his promise as he stockpiled ammunition and prepared once again to take on the latest president and his political party.

·         Finally, America learns from an article which referred to General Ferrera as “the principal enemy of Honduran peace” that he was killed in action.

·         America finds that regardless of her ancestor’s motivations, her great grandfather was loved and considered an icon by the common people of his homeland.

Credits: Image courtesy of TLC

April 10, 2015

82 Year Old Wedding Photo Identified!

While going through my mother's cousin Doris Simpson's photo albums, this group was discovered.

Each photo was labelled on the back "June 3, 1933" That was it. There was no other identification given.

I recognized Doris in the wedding party photo on the left. She was standing beside the bride.

I knew the people were not in my Grandmother's family as I know who they were and I would recognize them. I was pretty sure they were not from Doris' mother's side but not positive.

I wasn't too sure how I could identify the people in these lovely photos but then it dawned on me that I might be able to find a wedding announcement in the local newspaper. I was almost certain that the photos were taken in Toronto Ontario Canada.

Since I don't have access to the Toronto papers for 1933 I put out a request on Social Media. Within an hour I had my answer and a lovely clipped announcement of the wedding. I knew it was the correct one because Doris was named as the Maid of Honour.

Luckily the entire wedding party was identified in the announcement and so I can put names to the faces in this photo from 82 years ago. I love it when something like this happens and Lost People are found.

My hope  is that descendants of some of the people in these photos will find these images here on my blog.

Wedding Annoucement in Toronto Star June 5, 1933. Courtesy of Ian Hadden.


St. John's Rd. Baptist Church.

Hazel Louise daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G. E. Turner to John Thomas Arnott son of Mr. E. Arnott.

Miss Doris Simpson, Maid of Honour
Miss Gertrude & Miss Margaret Turner, sisters of bride, Bridesmaids
Claire Turner, Flower Girl
Lilly Bremmer, Train Bearer
Percy Marshall, Best Man
Edward Turner, brother of Bride, Usher (not in photo)
Harold Arnott, brother of Groom, Usher (not in photo)